Survivors Day

Every year Hitaishini celebrates the Survivors Day in the month of February. But some of the activities of Hitaishini were restricted due to the onset of the pandemic COVID-19 and this restrained us from any gathering of our members and survivors during the last two consecutive years. When the situation improved, Hitaishini made arrangements for holding such get-together to celebrate the Survivors Day.

The date was fixed on 2nd March and the venue was Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club, Ballygunge Circular Road. All assembled in the hall of the club house and met each other after a long time. They loved and enjoyed every moment of a laughter-filled evening. There was arrangement of variety of sumptuous foods which everyone liked very much. The celebration party ended at 7o’ clock in the evening.

Some glimpses of the enjoyment are reflected in the pictures.

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